Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging Mission Statement

Collaborative Practice Golden Gate (CPGG) values and prioritizes diversity of experience, identities, ideas, and cultures. The mission of the CPGG Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) Committee, and CPGG as a whole, is to bring forward the organization’s values of inclusion and understanding, so that all of CPGG’s activities are imbued with a commitment to full inclusion regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity, age, body size, physical ability, religion, national origin, or any other marginalized identity. We seek our collective liberation from all forms of bias, and full inclusion and belonging in the circle of care that is at the heart of collaborative practice.

Our mission rests on the acknowledgment that historically marginalized people continue to be underrepresented and to experience stigma and discrimination in society at large and in professional circles, including the legal, financial, and mental health professions of CPGG. Our vision is of an organization that reflects the diversity of our communities, provides opportunities for full participation, and welcomes all professionals and clients. We commit ourselves to the rigorous self-examination, dedication, and personal and organizational action that will support that vision, to asking the hard questions and challenging the status quo, and to devoting the necessary financial and human resources to this mission.