The Collaborative Team

Collaborative Divorce offers clients the opportunity to work with specially trained professionals from different areas of expertise to help them solve their problems.  The team is carefully selected to meet the needs of the particular clients and their specific matter.  By using this team approach, clients get the expertise of the appropriate professional for each issue.

The clients, with the help of the team, carefully tailor the scope and nature of the work to ensure efficient use of clients’ time and funds.  

Your Collaborative professionals will assist you in resolving difficult legal, financial, and emotional issues while reducing conflict.

Golden Gate Collaborative professionals include family law and estate planning attorneys, coaches, child specialists, neutral financial professionals, and other specialists such as vocational counselors, residential specialists, health and life insurance experts, business appraisers, real estate appraisers, and mortgage specialists.

To read more about what each professional brings to the process, click on the articles highlighted under the Professionals tab.