Divorce is a difficult and emotional process for both the spouses and the children involved. When parents decide to separate, it is important for them to recognize the impact it can have on their children, and to make an effort to support their relationship with the other parent.

Children of divorced parents often experience a range of emotions, such as confusion, sadness, and anger. They may also feel torn between their parents and struggle with adjusting to the new family dynamic. By supporting their children’s relationship with the other parent, divorced parents can help to alleviate some of these negative emotions and provide a sense of stability and security for their children.

In order to support their children’s relationship with the other parent, divorced parents should encourage regular communication and visitation, and avoid speaking negatively about the other parent in front of the children. They should also prioritize the children’s needs and put aside their own differences to work together in co-parenting.

Research has shown that children who maintain a positive relationship with both parents after divorce are more likely to have better mental health outcomes, higher academic achievement, and more successful relationships in adulthood. Therefore, it is crucial for divorced parents to recognize the importance of supporting their children’s relationship with the other parent and to prioritize their children’s well-being during and after the divorce process.

A great way to start the process of providing a positive relationship for both parents is to do a Collaborative Divorce where best outcomes for children can be a focus.  Learn about divorce coaches and child specialists and how they can benefit your divorce process and support each parent and the whole family.

In conclusion, supporting their children’s relationship with the other parent is essential for divorced parents to help their children navigate the challenges that come with divorce. By putting their children’s needs first and working together in co-parenting, divorced parents can provide their children with a sense of stability, security, and emotional well-being.

Drew Lamden, LCSW, is a Collaborative divorce coach and child specialist practicing in Marin County.  More information in his bio on the “Find A Professional” page.