What with all the anxiety and tension related to the Coronavirus and its upheaval in our lives, the Collaborative Process can be the respite couples want when deciding to divorce in this climate.  Many courts have shut down and are not able to help in this time of need.  Our Collaborative professionals are used to conducting meetings by video conferencing.  We have successfully helped people in far flung places and right here in our own neighborhoods create an end to their married lives and a beginning of a restructured partnership for parenting their children in a more productive, time efficient, and positive way.

Certified Divorce Financial Analysts are uniquely positioned to help the two of you gather all the documents needed to complete your legally required Declarations of Disclosure which include your Schedules of Assets and Debts and Income and Expense Declarations.  These declarations along with the additional details of your financial lives are what allow the financial professional to guide you to a resolution in a much shorter time than can be accomplished in a court process.  This also creates trust which in turn reduces conflict and saves money.  And most importantly for these social distancing times, look for a professional who is able to do it all electronically via conference calls or video conferencing.

The number one thing to do now is to focus on what you can control and push what you cannot control to the back of your mind.  First and foremost, take a look at your cash flow needs by creating a budget.  Then determine how those essential needs can be met.  If money is tight, discuss what necessary bills must be paid and then do your best to hunker down by not spending on discretionary items.  This one action of control will bring down your stress level and help you breathe.

If you need further help, reach out to a financial professional for an appointment.

Judith F. Sterling, CDFA, CPA is a financial professional with in person appointments available in Marin County, San Francisco, and Santa Rosa or by video conferencing.   More information in her bio on the “Find A Professional” page.