» Why Have One Neutral Financial Professional in Your Divorce?

What I say to the first noted potential clients is that I, as a neutral financial professional, promise them they will know everything financially related to their divorce prior to any decision making.  It is my job to lay out all the assets and debts and income and expenses in simple and understandable form to both clients and any mediator or attorneys.  It is also my job to educate my clients about taxes, tax filing status, health and life insurance, Social Security, pension values, and the consequences of dividing assets that have tax related issues.

 » I Am Afraid I Will End Up in a Cardboard Box

Everyone worries about how their future will look after their divorce.  Your worst fear might be that you will be living in a cardboard box, and this article will tell you how and why that won’t happen. One way to be sure that all financial information is...